Johanessburg Stock Exchange Announces Virtual Stock Trader


Just over one month ago Johannesburg Stock Exchange (Ticker: JSE), the world’s 19th largest stock exchange by market capitalization, launched its virtual stock trader to try and broaden its customer base and ease many Africans into the use of their products.

Per their website the JSE says “The JSE virtual trading game aims to teach the South African public about investing on the JSE. The game helps those participating learn about the fundamentals of investment strategy and encourages them to research and strategise about trading shares listed on the JSE.”

Participants are given 1 000 000 South African rand or approximately $100 000 US dollars. It also represents an amazing opportunity for African Americans interested in investing in Africa to enter the largest economy on the continent and learn some of the nuances of the economy with no risk attached while gaining valuable knowledge. HBCU business schools could create an entire class on investing in Africa’s asset classes using this virtual tracker. The opportunities are immense in creating more circulation between African America and Africa as a result.

For more information on the virtual tracker visit JSE’s website at

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