HBCU Money™ Business Book Feature – Eritrea and Ethiopia: From Conflict To Cooperation

Eritrea and Ethiopia have the best potential to start the great movement to create a stable, peaceful and cooperative order in the Horn of Africa, if only because the two have, even during the last three dark decades of forced and unhappy partnership, developed a rudimentary economic relationship that ties them together which can, with a little restructuring, be geared to mutual advantage. It is proposed that Eritrea and Ethiopia constitute a core in a Horn of Africa system. If we accept that, and the additional proposal that the Horn of Africa itself forms a distinct system in international relations, then relations within the core, and indeed the larger system, must be premised on the shift from one type of integration to another — i. e. from the hegemonism of empire to free association in a political community. A fully integrated community can be achieved only upon the acceptance of a pluralistic integration process. This collection of essays addresses the prospects and problems in the process of creating a single, integrated community in the Horn of Africa. — Midwest Book Review

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