Fastest Growing & Highest Paying Jobs By Bachelors, Masters, & PhD/Professional

Despite the ongoing student loan crisis at the moment, the statistics of jobs that pay well still demand a college degree. Now, where a college degree comes from, what the economy of your geographic region leans on, and a whole host of other factors certainly play a role. Yet, despite all of this, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the only jobs with a median pay currently over $75,000 in 2018 and whose projected growth rate is “Much Faster Than Average” are those associated with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Jobs by degree classification are listed in alphabetical order:



doctoral or professional

In the end, college must be about our own personal growth towards what we believe is best for us. However, many students and families lack the information of the plethora of opportunities and career paths that are available to them. For African Americans this becomes especially true and results in a tendency towards low-paying career paths. A fundamental problem for a community that needs higher-earners desperately. The demand for these jobs is high and pays well. Who is to say one can not major in Art History and still become a veterinarian and build enough wealth that they can retire early and afford to teach art history in their community for free? Or open their own gallery? Building wealth early gives us opportunities later and in that vein, we hope this information provides a bit more for your educational arsenal.



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