The Finance & Tech Week In Review – 5/20/17

Every Saturday the HBCU Money staff picks ten articles they were intrigued by and think you will enjoy for some weekend reading impacting finance and tech.

The world’s most valuable brands in 2017 / WEF

Co-authorship in economic history and economics: are we any different? / NBER

Not sleeping? You might be part of a genetic elite / WEF

These are the industries attracting the most venture capital / WEF

Want to buy a home at the start of your career? Get one of these 10 college degrees / Housing Wire

Our brains prefer invented visual information to the real thing / New Scientist

LIGO could detect gravitational waves’ permanent space-time warp / New Scientist

Roomba-like tech heads for the garden / New Atlas

Users have little confidence their company can protect their mobile device / CSOonline

Mercedes-Benz Confirms Electric Citaro Bus Coming Next Year / Clean Technica

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