African America’s January Unemployment Report – 12.1%


Overall Unemployment: 6.6% (6.7%)

African America Unemployment: 12.1% (11.9%)

Latino America Unemployment: 8.4% (8.3%)

European America Unemployment: 5.7% (5.9%)

Asian America Unemployment: 4.8% (4.1%)

Previous month in parentheses.

Analysis: Overall unemployment dropped 10 basis points. European America is the only group who saw their unemployment rate decline among all groups. Asian America had the largest increase among all groups. African American remains the only group with double digit unemployment rate.

African American Male Unemployment: 12.0% (11.5%)

African American Female Unemployment: 10.4% (10.4%)

African American Teenage Unemployment: 38.0% (35.5%)

African American Male Participation: 66.2% (65.6%)

African American Female Participation: 61.5% (61.2%)

African American Teenage Participation: 26.4% (27.4%)

Previous month in parentheses.

Analysis: A positive gain in participation rate for both men and women groups. Unemployment rates rose for both men and teenager groups. The teenager group hit a new low in their participation rate in the rolling past five months.

Conclusion: The overall economy added 113 000 jobs. Dubbed another disappointing month by economist as it missed estimates. African America’s labor force rose to its second largest number in the past five months increasing by 157 000 showing potential optimism brewing. However, only 95 000 jobs were added keeping the overall participation rate for African America at its second lowest over the past rolling five months. The participation rate for women remains virtually unchanged over the past rolling five months. African American men are at the second lowest participation rate in the past rolling five months. The good news, men and women have the largest employed population over the past rolling five months coupled with budding optimism for the adult population. African America’s employment issues just can not seem to find stable footing for long enough to make any dent. We are not back treading at the moment, but we are certainly not making any progress.

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