HBCU Money’s 2013 African American Owned Bank Directory

For the most current African American Owned Bank Directory visit the 2022 link by clicking here.

All banks are listed in alphabetical order. In order to be listed in our directory the bank must have at least 51 percent African American ownership. You can click on the bank name to go directly to their website.


There are 21 African American owned banks with assets totaling approximately $4.7 billion in assets or approximately 0.43 percent of African America’s $1.1 trillion in buying power.

In 1994, there were 54 African American owned banks according to the FDIC. Now, there are 21.


Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Founded: January 28, 2000

FDIC Region: Atlanta

Assets: $35 404 000


Location: Los Angeles, California

Founded: February 26, 1947

FDIC Region: San Francisco

Assets: $385 055 000


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: October 3, 1994

FDIC Region: Atlanta

Assets: $294 572 000


Location: Savannah, Georgia

Founded: January 1, 1927

FDIC Region: Atlanta

Assets: $41 573 000


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Founded: June 18, 1921

FDIC Region: Atlanta

Assets: $392 286 000


Location: Newark, New Jersey

Founded: June 11, 1973

FDIC Region: New York

Assets: $340 301 000


Location: Mobile, Alabama

Founded: February 19, 1976

FDIC Region: Atlanta

Assets: $63 244 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded: June 20, 1977

FDIC Region: Chicago

Assets: $59 842 000


Location: Detroit, Michigan

Founded: May 14, 1970

FDIC Region: Chicago

Assets: $215 924 000


Location: Danville, Virginia

Founded: September 08, 1919

FDIC Region: Atlanta

Assets: $38 882 000


Location:Tuskegee, Alabama

Founded: October 11, 1991

FDIC Region: Atlanta

Assets: $63 127 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded: November 09, 1970

FDIC Region: Chicago

Assets: $84 948 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded: January 01, 1934

FDIC Region: Chicago

Assets: $140 148 000


Location: Washington, DC

Founded: August 18, 1934

FDIC Region: New York

Assets: $342 524 000


Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Founded: November 16, 1972

FDIC Region: Dallas

Assets: $545 019 000


Location: Durham, North Carolina

Founded: March 01, 1908

FDIC Region: Atlanta

Assets: $304 809 000


Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Founded: February 12, 1971

FDIC Region: Chicago

Assets: $91 490 000


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Founded: August 02, 1982

FDIC Region: New York

Assets: $590 624 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Founded: January 02, 1965

FDIC Region: Chicago

Assets: $573 168 000


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Founded: March 23, 1992

FDIC Region: New York

Assets: $67 930 000


Location: Houston, Texas

Founded: August 01, 1985

FDIC Region: Dallas

Assets: $68 125 000

Source: FDIC


136 responses to “HBCU Money’s 2013 African American Owned Bank Directory

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  3. United Bank of Philadelphia is no longer totally “African” owned. Founder of the bank Emma Chappelle (pardon spelling), joined league with white investors, so officially the bank is like BET …black founded…white owned now.

    • At the moment United Bank of Philadelphia is still listed as an African American majority owned bank. In order to meet the list a bank’s ownership must be 51 percent African American owned not 100 percent. Thank you for your support!

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  6. Reblogged this on Forever Black Effusion.

  7. Thank you for taking your valuable time to research and document this updated list of Black owned banks in America. This site/blog is the only source that completely documents with good accurancy as of March 2013 active and majority owned black banks which are seriously a endangered species fro 54 to 20 (Covenant Bank closed and assets were acquired by by Liberty Bank which is also on your list) in less than 20 years. This is something we all should be very deeply concerned about. Thank you HBCU

  8. This is great that we have afican own bank today.We also had banks in 1922 in Tulsa Ok.They were burn to the ground by ill thinking white people.

  9. Thank you. I will getting information about two banks that are near me for deposit of funds therein!

  10. Do you I any banks here the Dallas Fort Worth area?

  11. Tri-state Bank of Memphis is a black owned bank. This bank saved the Civil Rights museum when it had financial trouble. Their very boardroom held sit-ins with Dr. King!!


  12. I was unaware there was a black owned bank in Michigan. Awesome.

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  14. Are there any banks 100% black owned?

  15. Thanks for this post of Black Businesses…

  16. Can you also inform us about Black Owned Credit Unions?

  17. Do any of these banks have a DRIP investment program

  18. Phillip Thompson

    Are there any black owned banks in richmond, va.?

  19. Sean Strickkand

    Looking for a black owned bank so I can use them to help me finance fleets of cars from car lot sestrickland@sbcglobal.net for black owened car dealerships and I’m not a small dealership

  20. thank you for the information is there any black own bank in the Pittsburgh pa area?

  21. Thank you for this. This takes away some of the “they won’t help you. Get help from your own.” I got help from my own. and it feels great.

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  25. I take it that Carver Federal is not listed because it’s holdings are under 51% African American owned

  26. What about Tri-State Bank here in Memphis,TN? Is it less than 51% black owned?

  27. I think that it is suicidal for American Americans not to support Black banks. In Mobile, AL, there are one Black bank and two White banks within two blocks of each other, and Black clients will walk into the White banks with pride on their faces. They don’t understand that the growth of Black banks will enhance the Black community because Black banks will invest in the Black community while the White banks will not. I am the Editor of the Mobile Beacon, and I wrote an article concerning supporting Black businesses. i wrote, “I understand if Black people can get a greater return on their funds in a White bank, they can deposit some funds in a Black bank and some in a White bank.”.

  28. Do you have a list of ONLINE banks? 🙂

  29. TriState bank here in Memphis should be on this list. Why isn’t it?

  30. I’m looking for a Black Owned Bank in Maryland so I can open an account for a small business. Recommendations?

  31. What about Citizens Bank in Tennessee? http://www.bankcbn.com/

  32. What about Citizens Bank of TN? http://www.bankcbn.com/

  33. one united on your list supports online banking. I don’t live in the area where they are based and I set up my account with them. I’d encourage everyone who does not have a afri-amer owned bank in their area to consider doing business with any bank that has online banking capability.

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  35. What about Albany, N.Y.

  36. @hbcumoney Great list!

    Do you have any deeper info you can provide, such as: 1. the exact percentage of Black ownership of each, 2. The racial make up of the boards, 3. the largest “creditor/funding banks” to which these banks are beholding and 4. What major bank affiliations do they have? You may already know…

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  38. I would love it if there were one in Minnesota, where I live! 🙂

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  40. Thanks for sharing the list of Black owned Banks, I was not aware of the many Banks owned by Black, once aging thanks.

    • Thank you Gean. We are doing our best to bring economic, finance, and investment news that is valuable to African America and the Diaspora. The bank directory comes out annually so be sure to check out the 2014 one as well!

  41. Looking for a “Black” Bank that serves’ Florida.

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  43. Who do these black banks fund regarding small business loans?? They NOT funding Black communities. There are NO jobs in the Black communities.


  45. Jimmy Johnson Jr

    So the United Bank of Philadelphia, is it still black owned & would I be able to get a mortgage originated thru them on short notice without having previously been an account holder?

  46. I’m from the UK and I done some research and found out there are only 13 black owned bank in America now. Also you decimal point is in the wrong place.. it shouldn’t be 0.43% …….it should be 0.0043%, which is a disgrace, For black people in America to make any progress they need to invest more in there banks.

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  49. Liberty Bank and Trust Company local branches of New Orleans located in MO & KS.

  50. Reblogged this on Habari Gani, America! and commented:
    HBCU’s List of African American Banks

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  52. Well. Now how can Africans outside of America can benefit the service. Do the AA Banks give loans to African owned businesses that are not Americans? Is there any possibility to give access to UK Blacks?

    Books of Africa

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  54. Remarkable! Its in fact remarkable paragraph, I have got much clear
    idea on the topic of from this paragraph.

  55. I would like to apply for a line of credit.

  56. Are thier any Black own banks in Baton Rouge, La.?

  57. I’m moving my money. …

  58. I loved this it’s just what I was looking for

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  60. My problem is the purpose originally of supporting any black business is because in return they will give back and support the community. is it me or i dont see that return now days ?

  61. Harbor Bank in Baltimore, Md

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  63. Are there any black owned banks in the auburn,opelika area???

  64. I did not see The Harbor Bank of Maryland listed. Is this bank not black-owned?

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  66. Cee, I was going to say the same thing. Harbor Bank of Maryland is Black owned

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  68. Is there an update to this list available? I charge myself and my peers to update this content and begin restructuring OUR money. No matter how inconvenient the location, we have to change our stance on how our buying power is is utilized.

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  70. Looking for black owned banks in Chattanooga TN

  71. Capital City, Covenant, First Tuskegee, Highland and North Milwaukee
    Are all closed or acquired by other banks.

    Harbor Bank in Baltimore and Axiom Bank in Maitland, FL can be added to the list, an updated version of which is available at http://www.frazierslist.us/documents/Banks-1.html

  72. Kathleen Barbour

    I am happy I have come across this information.

  73. Annetta Glenn

    We need one in Oklahoma again.

  74. Any in Brooklyn NY

  75. Oh yes my husband and I and all I can know and influence are in ont this movement. Toooo glad to hear of your existence and endeavor and feel Ita damn shame that in 2016 we must b a stealth movement. Nonetheless we must overcome all!!!!

  76. May be time for a new list. 2 of the Chicago banks, Covenant bank and Highland Community Bank, have closed.

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  79. I live in Bowie, MD, are there any banks near me.

  80. Dianna Walker

    It would be nice if you can open up establishment here in the Bay Area.

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  82. Thanks for who put this together.

  83. Are Credit Unions individually owned? I didn’t see any black owned credit unions. I only use credit unions. Big props to First Tuskegee Bank. Lived there for many years.

    • Somebody published a list of Black owned credit unions a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t keep it, since I don’t deal with them that much because they don’t sell stock nor will I ever be rich enough to buy one.
      First Tuskegee no longer exists

  84. It appears that the closest bank is in LA. I live in Victorville, Ca and don’t have transportation to get there. Is there any other way to transfer my account? Also, would I be able to access my money without physically being in the area?

    • Strangely enough, most of the Black banks on the list have online banking, and City National Bank in Newark, NJ (https://www.citynatbank.com/) has the most comprehensive and extensive list of services available. They even offer something that a lot of major banks don’t, which is the ability to deposit checks with your smartphone. Unlike most of the other banks, City National has a mobile app which provides access to your account via the app, but if you can’t download the app you can use the Internet link on your phone or computer to access your account.

      The days of needing to be in the sasme city as your money are long gone.

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  87. Are there any Black-owned credit unions west of the Rpockies, or even the Mississippi?

  88. Can you explain if there is no HBCU bank in your state what would be the best option to move $$ to a HBCU bank and how it will help your current community?

    • You can move money to almost any bank n the country if not the world by going to their website and opening up an account.

      As for helping the local community, deposits won’t make up the slack unless it comes by the hundreds of millions. Banks need large amounts of INVESTMENT capital with which they can create more and diverse features and services for their customers.

      When investors see this kind of activity they invest even more money and the circle goes on.
      If a bank will not let me share their prosperity in a financial way I would not patronize them.

  89. Just heard about one in Indy: Mt Zion Indianapolis Federal Credit Union. More info at http://creditunionaccess.com/cu15757.htm. Thanks for the list.

  90. Hi we live in Seattle WA… is there a bank close to me.

    • There is not a bank located in Washington State, but many offer online services regardless of residency.

      • While checking out the list, I noticed that of the 24 banks on the list, only 19 states are involved, and Chicago is the ONLY CITY that has more than ONE Black owned bank. They are so scattered about the country, if I didn’t know better I would think they are deliberately avoiding the possibility of competing with each other.

        Wouldn’t you think competition would help make some of them stronger and better?
        Seems to work everywhere else.

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  94. I would like to know where is the nearest black Bank Columbus Ohio because I like the bank at a black Bank

  95. I’m looKing for a bank in my area of Columbus, Ohio, so that I can walk into it.

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