2012’s Top 20 HBCU Research Institutions

HBCUs continue to make significant strides in research. The top 20 HBCU research institutions all fall in the top 330 research institutions in America. Unfortunately, none of the top HBCU research institutions make their way into the top 100 so there is still significant work to be done. The 1890 agriculture schools comprise 6 of the top 20 and HBCU medical schools make up 3 of the top 10. A sign that one of the 1890 schools could make significant strides with the addition of a medical school is a strategic issue that must be addressed among HBCUs.

Florida A&M University performs nothing less than a miracle making the leap from the 6 spot to number 1 by more than doubling its research expenditure budget. At the same time Meharry slides from 3 to 8 showing that in any given year a new king can be crowned with the right vision by leadership. Research is still a very under appreciated facet of HBCU life despite the fact that most of the major wealth in America has come as a result of research on college and university campuses. An investment in the mental curiosity of African America could go a long way to much needed innovation and job creation.

If you want to see your HBCU move up this listing you can donate directly to the research budget at your HBCU!

HBCU                                                                    Research Expenditures

1. Florida A&M University                                    $53.5 million

2. Jackson State University                                  $44.9 million

3. Howard University                                            $40.1 million

4. North Carolina A&T State University            $35.3 million

5. University of the Virgin Islands                      $32.4 million

6. Alabama A&M University                                $30.5 million

7. Morehouse School of Medicine                       $30.4 million

8. Meharry College of Medicine                          $27.0 million

9. Charles Drew University of Medicine           $22.2 million

10. Alabama State University                              $16.3 million

11. Tuskegee University                                        $15.6 million

12. Delaware State University                             $15.2 million

13. Hampton University                                       $14.5 million

14. Morgan State University                                $12.8 million

15. Prairie View A&M University                        $12.6 million

16. Tennessee State University                           $12.4 million

17. Fayetteville State University                         $11.9 million

18. Alcorn State University                                  $10.3 million

19. University of Maryland-Eastern Shore      $8.7 million

20. Clark Atlanta University                               $8.5 million

TOP 20 COMBINED TOTAL: $455.1 million

Additional Notes:

Total HBCU Research Expenditures Combined: $605.7 million

Top 20 HWCUs Combined: $18.3 billion

Top 20 Average HWCU – $910 million vs. Top 20 Average HBCU – $23 million

Top 20 HBCUs increase in research expenditure from 2011 is 30.1%

Top 20 HWCUs increase in research expenditure from 2011 is 11.6%

Source: National Science Foundation

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