African America’s January Unemployment Report – 13.8%

Overall Unemployment: 7.9% (7.8%)

African America Unemployment: 13.8% (14.0%)

Latino America Unemployment: 9.7% (9.6%)

European America Unemployment: 7.0% (6.9%)

Asian America Unemployment: 6.5% (6.6%)

Analysis: Unemployment remained virtually unchanged amongst all groups with no significant moves in either direction. African America’s unemployment leads the way with the largest decline among the four reported groups but not a drop of much substance. Asian America continues to lead the way with the lowest unemployment rate.

African American Male Unemployment: 13.4% (14.0%)

African American Female Unemployment: 12.3% (12.2%)

African American Teenage Unemployment: 37.8% (40.5%)

African American Male Participation: 67.8% (67.4%)

African American Female Participation: 62.7% (62.2%)

African American Teenage Participation: 27.5% (25.1%)

*Previous month in parentheses.

Analysis: African American teenage unemployment led the way with a significant drop. The teenagers also led in participation. A first in some time that this group in crisis has had its unemployment go down and participation go up meaning as they come into the labor pool they are actually finding jobs. African American men also can say the same as they too saw a drop in unemployment and rise in participation rate. African American women saw virtually no change in their unemployment rate but did a healthy uptick in participation rate.

Conclusion: One of the healthiest months in recent memory for African America’s employment situation. As a whole African America picked up 246 000 jobs and is the most employed it has been in the past 5 months. African American men led the way picking up 128 000 jobs. African American women picked up 62 000 jobs but seem to be stuck in an a band over the past 5 months seeing its employed numbers stay roughly about the same as it gains and loses jobs pretty evenly over the time period. An area of concern could start to rise given that African American families are most dependent on women’s income since they head the majority of households. The teenage group has recovered to where it was 4 months ago but still far short of its past 5 month high. Teenage employment continues to show crisis like signs with no real solution in sight. Overall, there is some momentary relief but as always laid upon a fragile foundation.

Source: Department of Labor

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