The HBCU Endowment Feature – How Much Does Your HBCU Need For Everyone To Attend Debt Free?

Have you ever wondered just how much it would take for every student to attend debt free at your HBCU, why the size of endowments are so vital, and why alumni donor rates are critical to an institution’s long term success?  Well wonder no more.

Every Tuesday we will feature a different HBCU and their endowment needs. We will keep the endowment needs strictly to how much principal a school would need to generate in annual returns for every student to attend debt free in their undergraduate programs. We will use an HBCU’s cost of attendance and their current undergraduate population. The figures will be based on the current economic environment based on returns of 5 percent.

An example is HBCU XYZ has 1 000 students and the cost of attendance is $20 000 annually. The total cost for those 1 000 students would be $20 000 000. In order for HBCU XYZ to have those students attend debt free annually with 5 percent returns the school would need an endowment of $400 000 000.

We will also do these post for the 5 HBCU conferences combined. If you would like to have your school featured more quickly please email us at and provide the following information.

School Name

Number of Undergraduates

Cost of Attendance


HBCU Money™ Staff

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