2011’s Top 20 HBCU Research Institutions

                       HBCU                                                           Research Expenditures

  1. Jackson State University                      $42.7 million
  2.  Howard University                               $36.4 million
  3.  Meharry Medical College                    $34.2 million
  4.  North Carolina A&T University         $28.8 million
  5.  Morehouse School of Medicine          $27.1 million
  6.  Florida A&M University                      $24.0 million
  7.  Hampton University                             $21.1 million
  8.  University of the Virgin Islands         $18.1 million
  9.  Tuskegee University                             $15.0 million
  10.  Morgan State University                     $12.3 million
  11.  Tennessee State University                $12.1 million
  12.  Alcorn State University                       $11.7 million
  13.  Prairie View A&M University            $10.8 million
  14.  Alabama A&M University                  $9.0 million
  15.  Virginia State University                    $8.3 million
  16.  Delaware State University                 $8.1 million
  17.  Norfolk State University                    $7.9 million
  18.  South Carolina State University       $7.6 million
  19.  Clark Atlanta University                    $7.5 million
  20.  University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff    $7.2 million

COMBINED TOTAL                                      $349.9 million
Additional Notes:

The Top 20 HBCU Research Institutions comprise 78% of ALL HBCU Research.
ALL HBCU Research Expenditures COMBINED TOTAL $448.2 million
The Top 20 HWCU Research Expenditures COMBINED TOTAL $16.4 billion Top 20 average HWCU – $820 million vs. Top 20 average HBCU – $17.5 million

Source: National Science Foundation

6 responses to “2011’s Top 20 HBCU Research Institutions

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  2. Norfolk State received more then 7 million…. Check your resources…. they are around 15+ million

    • Currently we only use National Science Foundation for our resources when it comes to research expenditures. We will review future sources in the future. Thanks for your support.

  3. It warms my HEART to see that HBCUs are making significant strides in research.. It warms my HEART even more when I see that my Alma Mater is leading the pack! #proudhbcualum #jacksonstatetigers

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