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HBCU Money™ Dozen 6/29 – 7/3


Did you miss HBCU Money™ Dozen via Twitter? No worry. We are now putting them on the site for you to visit at your leisure. We have made some changes here at HBCU Money™ Dozen. We are now solely focused on research and central bank articles from the previous week.


A better way to hire programmers? Engineering a better way to hire programmers l Computerworld http://ow.ly/P6P4P

Meet the dogs that can sniff out cancer l New Scientist http://ow.ly/P633h

From building B-17 bombers to building fish habitat: reshaping of an industrial Seattle river. l NOAA Ocean http://bit.ly/1T2bWM8

No Fracking In New York, Says DEC l Clean Technica

Fishing nations could change future for Pacific’s top predators l Pew Environment http://bit.ly/1RM2Ctn

Now this is extreme farming. Growing strawberries in balloon gardens beneath the waves l New Scientist http://ow.ly/P65uw

Federal Reserve, Central Banks, & Financial Departments

How a lack of #sleep affects the #brain l World Economic Forum http://wef.ch/1K6kqAr

VIDEO: #Africa is the next great investment destination. See why l World Bank http://wrld.bg/P2QJL

How are asset returns affected by financial crises? l World Economic Forum http://wef.ch/1BwBlZH

Wealth #redistribution, is it efficient? l San Francisco Fed http://bit.ly/1GyNAll

Global food prices dropped by 14% since August 2014 l World Bank http://wrld.bg/P5JVn

This is how illegal #drugs flow around the world l World Economic Forum http://wef.ch/1LzKHX4

Thank you as always for joining us on Saturday for HBCU Money™ Dozen. The 12 most important research and finance articles of the week.