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HBCU Money™ Dozen 7/14 – 7/18


Did you miss HBCU Money™ Dozen via Twitter? No worry. We are now putting them on the site for you to visit at your leisure. We have made some changes here at HBCU Money™ Dozen. We are now solely focused on research and central bank articles from the previous week.


10 Top Jobs by Salary for Social Media Pros l CIOonline trib.al/uvfc9TO

There’s almost a million fake apps targeting your phone l CSOonline bit.ly/1stmMjw

Chaos Computer Club bolsters NSA spying complaint with Tor snooping evidence l CSOonline bit.ly/1mY3zTq

24% Renewable Energy Over 27 Years — Is That All?!? l Clean Technica dlvr.it/6LrPM8

The universe is much, much brighter than it should be. Why? l New Scientist ow.ly/zgbkEpic.twitter.com/oO6VbC71uM

Researchers recreate conditions deep inside giant planets l Livermore Lab 1.usa.gov/1tWlWxk

Federal Reserve, Central Banks, & Financial Departments

House Gives Thumbs-Up to Marijuana Banking l Credit Union Journal bit.ly/1jBukhh

What private payroll employment numbers say about the labor market l St. Louis Fed bit.ly/1nprIyd

Social safety nets to protect people from loss of income on the rise among countries in Africa l World Bank wrld.bg/zejE9

New construction starts plummet 9.3% in June l Housing Wire hwi.re/6LsTyd

Teachers: Planning to teach about the Great Depression next school year? l Econ Lowdown bit.ly/1jRLIZI

Adding this one test could cut FHA default rates in half l Housing Wire hwi.re/6LTYzh

Thank you as always for joining us on Saturday for HBCU Money™ Dozen. The 12 most important research and finance articles of the week.