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HBCU Money™ Business Book Feature – Hawaii – The Fake State: a nation in captivity


The book comes from an evaluation of findings after more than
twenty eight years of political review and lawful study; investigation and determining facts of law; and, of actual events and of unlawful actions by the Federal United States Government; its deceptive and fraudulent claim over a foreign, sovereign and “neutral” nation; actual evidence of misleading legal documents of false claim for a Statehood in the American Union of States that does not lawfully exist and that can never exist. It is a revelation of past historical events with supporting documentation revealing to a new generation of Americans and Hawaiian Citizens on how they have lost their birth names and birthrights, as well as their Citizenship as “Private Citizens” within their respective nations. How they have been deviously removed from their birth State’s Constitutions and “State’s common-law” and their National Constitutions (of the American Republic of States and of the Hawaiian Kingdom) to a lesser Washington D. C. “Federal Emancipated Slave citizenship” (14th Amendment) under Article 1 Section 8 of that very same Constitution of the American Republic and its Union of States.