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The Finance & Tech Week In Review – 3/18/17

Every Saturday the HBCU Money staff picks ten articles they were intrigued by and think you will enjoy for some weekend reading impacting finance and tech.

What might an aging population mean for wealth inequality? / St. Louis Fed  bit.ly/2mDC6wG

The benefits of being bilingual – it’s more than just useful / WEF  wef.ch/2mBM2rd

Over the past year, average student loan debt in the 10th District has increased 6% / KC Fed ow.ly/yAqI308T1px

Simple living and conscious buying come with the territory for tiny home owners. / Practical Money pmsfl.us/2nnUfQS

If the housing bubble bursts, is the #US ready? / WEF wef.ch/2m0T9dq

Is it time to rethink gravity? / New Scientist ow.ly/LFXO309VNmf

The brain needs a moment to move on from mistakes. / Science News  ow.ly/1z8y309Wqcr

7 tips for developing a powerful data disaster plan / NetworkWorld  ow.ly/6TNg309WnU8

TRAPPIST-1 worlds are close enough for life to hop between them / New Scientist  bit.ly/2mJzE6g

DYK? More than 40,000 schools across the U.S. participate in #FarmtoSchool programs. / USDA ow.ly/6WCe309Rjwr