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C.R.E.A.M. – 2013’s Top 10 Billionaires With Most Cash On Hand


This group of billionaires are redefining “Cash is King” in cash allocation to their portfolio. Who loves cash the most? See Russians. They love their cash and comprise half of the list. Despite a horrible interest rate environment for cash with real interest rates being virtually negative around the world this group believes their is value in keeping their powder dry.

1. Ernesto Bertarelli

Cash On Hand: $14 Billion

This Swiss billionaire is the king of cash among the top 100 billionaires in the world. Currently, his cash allocation is 92.7 percent of his wealth.

2. Hans Rausing

Cash On Hand: $12.3 Billion

The Swedish billionaire leads the list with most cash percentage as portion of wealth with 94.6 percent. Taking the term cash is king to another level.

3. Mikhail Prokhorov

Cash On Hand: $9.8 Billion

An interesting Russian billionaire who does not own a cell phone but does own the Brooklyn Nets. His current cash allocation is 74.8 percent of his wealth.

4. Roman Abramovich

Cash On Hand: $9.4 Billion

Another Russian billionaire who keeps his cash handy with 71.7 percent of his wealth in cash.

5. Len Blavatnik

Cash On Hand: $8.9 Billion

The king of cash for American billionaires has 55.6 percent of his wealth in cash. Owns the rights to Warner Music’s “Happy Birthday”.

6. Mikhail Fridman

Cash On Hand: $8.4 Billion

A Russian billionaire who played the piano throughout high school. Currently, he holds 54.9 percent of his wealth in cash.

7. Viktor Vekselberg

Cash On Hand: $8.2 Billion

This Russian billionaire owns the former estate of Italian dictator Mussolini. His cash allocation is 54.6 percent of his wealth.

8. Alisher Usmanov

Cash On Hand: $7.4 Billion

Russian billionaire who controls the country’s largest iron ore producer. Unlike his other Russian brethren “only” 35.9 percent of his wealth is in cash.

9. Carlos “Slim” Helu

Cash On Hand: $5.9 Billion

The man who goes back and forth with Bill Gates as the world wealthiest person has almost 9 percent of his wealth in cash.

10. Phil Knight

Cash On Hand: $5.4 Billion

The only other American billionaire to make this list and Mr. Just Do It. Founder of Nike and sometimes labeled eccentric billionaire has 32.3 percent of his wealth in cash.

Source: Bloomberg Billionaire Index