The Finance & Tech Week In Review – 12/17/16


Every Saturday the HBCU Money staff picks ten articles they were intrigued by and think you will enjoy for some weekend reading impacting finance and tech.

US investors took a 10-question investor literacy quiz answered only 4.4 questions right.FINRAFoundation

The top origin nations and destinations for immigrants coming to the U.S. l stlouisfed

What is behavioural science, and how is it going to change your life? l wef
Where will our energy come from in 2030, and how green will it be? l wef
Educators, join us Jan. 12 for Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s first town hall for teachersstlouisfed
The element hadn’t been found on Mars yet, and it could mean a lot for its habitability l ScienceNews
3D printed models help mend broken heartsnwtls
4 historic security events of 2016 and what they teach us [Infographic] l CIOonline
Scientists won’t stop discovering stuff, no matter what l newscientist

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