Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s March 2015 Press Conference (Video)

“In other words, just because we removed the word “patient” from our statement does not mean we are going to be impatient.” – Chairwoman Janet Yellen

One of the key points that Chairwoman Yellen points to is that despite a 2.5 percent growth of GDP in 2014 there appears to be a slowing of growth to start 2015. A sign that while the stock market has been robust the real economy has struggled to pick up as signaled by sluggish consumer spending indicators. Housing and export growth also appears to show rising weakness ahead. Estimates for unemployment over the next two years by the FOMC are expected to come in at 5.0 to 5.2 percent range.

Chairwoman Yellen also appeared to confirm what most economist are predicting in terms of an interest rate hike coming in June if conditions at a minimum hold. For the full statement and the Q&A that follows click on the video below.

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