HBCU Money™ Business Book Feature – Buying And Selling Timber And Timberland


The 500 million acres of United States timberland isn’t just owned by foresters and paper companies. Increasing amounts have been bought by private investors (often buying just a few hundred acres), hedge funds, and big institutions. Why the sudden interest in one of the world’s oldest industries?

We live in a world where the S%P 500 can lose over half its value in 15 months, where home values recently tumbled by more than 30% nationwide (immediately after reaching record highs), and even “safe” municipal bonds returning just 3% are at risk of default. In contrast, timberland returns have been relatively stable over time, offer unique tax advantages, and function both as a hedge against inflation and a return producing investment.

The author (a private investor) has dedicated significant time and resources to researching the details of timberland ownership and shares his research and insights – both for individuals interested in purchasing timberland as well as those managing the forested lands they already own.

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