HBCU Money™ Dozen 12/1 – 12/5


Did you miss HBCU Money™ Dozen via Twitter? No worry. We are now putting them on the site for you to visit at your leisure. We have made some changes here at HBCU Money™ Dozen. We are now solely focused on research and central bank articles from the previous week.


Orion, NASA’s next-gen spacecraft, is no smarter than your cell phone. l Computerworld http://bit.ly/1ysyoFq

Eels use electric shocks to remote control prey movements l New Scientist http://ow.ly/FofyS

Melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet is happening faster than we thought l Network World http://ow.ly/FofW2

Why enterprises should make analytics invisible l Computerworld http://ow.ly/Fog0n

Silicon Valley’s H-1B Immigration Position Has Some Holes l CIOonline http://trib.al/mSVPbk6

Deadline for grant, where college student teams explore sustainability, due by 12/16 l EPA Research http://go.usa.gov/yAZx

Federal Reserve, Central Banks, & Financial Departments

Brooklyn is the country’s least affordable place to live l Housing Wire http://hwi.re/7kMtzm

Health care affordability gap has widened between the rich and the poor l St. Louis Fed http://bit.ly/1rnRN8z

How learning a language improves your brain l World Economic Forum http://wef.ch/1udN596

The most recent analysis of the economic effects of the Ebola on Sierra Leone l World Bank http://wrld.bg/FmjxK

Credit unions are skeptical about CFPB basing nationwide payday loan laws on Colorado model l CU Journal http://bit.ly/1Alf3VM

Fully 70% of homebuyers don’t know about down payment assistance l Housing Wire http://hwi.re/7kKq0r

Thank you as always for joining us on Saturday for HBCU Money™ Dozen. The 12 most important research and finance articles of the week.

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