HBCU Money™ Dozen 12/16 – 12/20


Did you miss HBCU Money™ Dozen via Twitter? No worry. We are now putting them on the site for you to visit at your leisure. We have made some changes here at HBCU Money™ Dozen. We are now solely focused on research and central bank articles from the previous week.


Transparent Solar Cells Could Turn Windows Into Generators l CIOonline http://trib.al/bf0t0PZ

California Blocks Another Concentrated Solar Power Project l Clean Technica http://dlvr.it/4Y2Kmm

SolarCity To Provide Solar Lighting To Schools Without Electricity l Clean Technica http://dlvr.it/4Y1Zfg

The rise of hobbyist programmers l ComputerWorld http://ow.ly/rXbqU

IBM follows Amazon’s move into China’s cloud computing market l NetworkWorld http://ow.ly/rXbSZ

Old mice, young bodies: The process of ageing has been reversed in rodents l New Scientist http://ow.ly/rXc2X

Federal Reserve, Central Banks, & Financial Departments

Regional Economic Update: #Texas economy has continued to grow at a moderate pace in recent weeks l Dallas Fed http://bit.ly/1jpmF4R

Richmond Fed’s Economic Quarterly Explores Developments in the Labor Market l Richmond Fed http://bit.ly/1l15aTX

An increasing proportion of the poorest people in the world come from #Africa. l World Bank http://wrld.bg/rTR9

Which countries are best at promoting #gender equality? Check out our heat map l World Economic Forum http://wef.ch/c31tA

Japan maintains stance, now sees recovery “as a trend” l Central Bank News http://dlvr.it/4Xxcy6

Senate passes $607B Defense bill l Floor Action http://bit.ly/1l07v1v

Thank you as always for joining us on Saturday for HBCU Money™ Dozen. The 12 most important research and finance articles of the week

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