HBCU Money™ Dozen Links 2/25 – 3/1

Did you miss HBCU Money™ Dozen via Twitter? No worry. We are now putting them on the site for you to visit at your leisure.

Government Departments

Apply for the $5,000 Gift of Life Scholarship. Application deadline is 3/22 l Fund for Public Schools http://bit.ly/12heKhT

Energy efficiency upgrades to St. Louis City Hall resulted in energy savings of 50 percent l Energy http://go.usa.gov/2Yvd

USDA to Simplify Guaranteed Farm Loans by Setting Thresholds on Interest Rates l USDA http://1.usa.gov/XtwXDq

Breastfeeding is an invaluable asset in emergency planning. l Women’s Health http://go.usa.gov/2xFh

Fight cyber with cyber, or hit ’em where it hurts? l Government Computer News http://ow.ly/ibxps

New estimates cut farm bill savings l Senate News http://bit.ly/ZRwhf7

Federal Reserve, Central Banks, & Financial Departments

Saving as a % of disposable personal income dips to 2.4% in January, lowest since November 2007 l St. Louis Fed http://bit.ly/YH5rBG

Chart: Personal consumption expenditures (PCE) rose 0.2% in January after rising 0.1% in December l St. Louis Fed http://bit.ly/ZQZLK1

Chart: Construction spending declined in January to an annual rate of $883 billion l St. Louis Fed http://bit.ly/14a8KTj

Great resources for students interested in microfinance l World Bank http://ow.ly/i9FJh

The Supply of College-Educated Workers: The Roles of College Premia, College Costs, and Risk l Richmond Fed http://bit.ly/Yc76zW

Non-housing debt balances increased for the 3rd straight quarter & now stand at $2.75 trillion l NY Fed http://goo.gl/kSCQL

Thank you as always for joining us on Saturday for HBCU Money™ Dozen. The 12 most important government and central bank articles of the week.

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