African America’s Top 5 Highest Paid Media Personalities Of 2012


How good is it to be the man with second ranked courtroom show and the longest running court show featuring an African American judge? It is good enough to ensure you make more money than the next 4 on our list combined. These 5 combine to bring in $34.5 million annually in salary and often have the ears and eyes of millions on a daily basis. A nice day’s work at the office – or in this case the studio.

1 – Judge Joe Brown (pictured above)

2012 Salary: $20 Million

Show: Judge Joe Brown Show

2 – Al Roker

2012 Salary: $7 Million

Show: NBC News

3 – Robin Roberts

2012 Salary: $6 Million

Show: ABC News

4 – Gayle King

2012 Salary: $2 Million

Show: CBS News

5 – Sherri Shepherd

Salary: $1.5 Million

Show: The View

Source: TV Guide; Daily Beast; Huffington Post

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