HBCU Money™ Presents African Diaspora’s 5 Wealthiest of 2011

Forget rappers or athletes. None make the list. Forget just America this list goes global. After all the African Diaspora represents approximately 1.2 billion people of African descent no matter where we are in the world. Just because we left home (or were taken) we are still sons and daughters of Mother Africa.

Initially, this list was supposed to be a top 10 as we assumed with a record 1,226 billionaires found this year through our source we surely expected to need a cutoff point. Couple that with the motherland being the richest natural source on the planet we thought we would unquestionably be well represented on the list. Unfortunately, we as often seems to be the case more times than not others are benefiting more from our contributions than we are because we rarely own or control the vehicles of which wealth is created. So the five you see listed below is actually all there was. It works out to us making up an abysmal 0.41% of the entire list despite us comprising 17.6% of the world’s population. There truly is work to be done.

1 – Aliko Dangote (pictured above)

Net Worth: $11.2 billion Residence: Nigeria

Industry: Sugar, Flour, Cement

2 – Ananda Krishnan

Net Worth: $9.9 billion Residence: Malaysia

Industry: Telcom

3 – Mike Adenuga

Net Worth: $4.3 billion Residence: Nigeria

Industry: Telcom, Banking, Oil

4 – Patrice Motsepe*

Net Worth: $2.7 billion Residence: South Africa

Industry: Mining

5 – Oprah Winfrey*

Net Worth: $2.7 billion Residence: United States

Industry: Television

*HBCU Alumnus

Source: Forbes

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