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HBCU Money™ Business Book Feature – I Can’t Afford to Marry You


At 19-years-old, Marilyn was one month away from marrying John, her Prince Charming. Imagine her surprise when one day, out of the blue, he asked to see her finances. After revealing this personal information, she was shocked to hear him exclaim, “I can’t afford to marry you!” This was followed by the news that the wedding was off. What Marilyn did next to save face, temporarily cost her to lose self-esteem, but put her on a path to financial righteousness. This book is a must read for all – women, men, couples, and young people-who want to minimize their mistakes, master their money and secure their financial future.

The Finance & Tech Week In Review – 3/4/17


Every Saturday the HBCU Money staff picks ten articles they were intrigued by and think you will enjoy for some weekend reading impacting finance and tech.

These are the 22 best universities in emerging economies / WEF

Why college doesn’t help more in closing racial and ethnic wealth gaps / St. Louis Fed

This enormous solar power plant just became the biggest in the world / WEF

You knew millennials were worse off than their parents, but this is how bad it is / WEF

15 of the CIA’s most intriguing declassified maps / WEF

Portable 3D printer builds a tiny house for a tiny price / New Atlas

Astronomer and photographer Zoltan Levay makes distant galaxies beautiful. / Science News

Trump announces budget cuts that may give China tech leadership / Computerworld

 Apple forfeits teachers’ pet rep as U.S. share sinks / CIO

Advances in coral restoration hold promise for protecting coasts—and economies / Pew Trusts