Top 10 Landowners in HBCU States


Editors’ Note: There are no African Americans among the top 100 landowners’ in America according to The Land Report 100. If Special Order 15 had been honored African America would have controlled 160 million acres post Civil War or 7 percent of America’s land. Today, African America controls a mere 0.0033 percent of America’s 2.3 billion acres or just under 8 million acres. Most of the top ten landowners have property in other states but our list includes those with large holdings in at least one designated HBCU state. The top ten landowners in HBCU states control 10.2 million acres or approximately 28 percent more land than all of African America. HBCU land-grant institutions could play a large role in the education of African America to the importance of land ownership.

1) Ted Turner (Georgia) – 2 000 000 Acres

2) Emmerson Family (California) – 1 840 000 Acres

3) Brad Kelley (Kentucky) – 1 500 000 Acres

4) King Ranch Heirs (Texas) – 911 215 Acres

5) Pingree Heirs (Massachusetts) – 830 000 Acres

6) Reed Family (California) – 770 000 Acres

7) Ford Family (California) – 625 000 Acres

8) Lykes Brothers Heirs (Texas & Florida) – 615 000 Acres

9) Briscoe Family (Texas) – 560 000 Acres

10) W.T. Waggoner Estate (Texas) – 535 000 Acres

Source: The Land Report

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